Policies and Legislation

Policies and Legislation

Policies and legislation are developed through a process of collaboration among stakeholders and they are approved and published by recognized bodies. Regulations and other types of legislation are adopted by governments at national and county levels.

Because we all know this, we strive towards having similar or even a common objective, especially at the national level. These objectives include: enhancing efficiency and effectiveness, enhancing competitiveness, facilitating trade, improving the welfare of citizens and protecting the environment. It is therefore not surprising that we work with government institutions in developing pro people policies and legislation.

Tremendous social and economic changes are taking place in Kenya and hopes are growing that a long awaited reconciliation of tensions between environment and development is a possibility. Rapid economic growth and heightening demands for materials, commodities and land have resulted in the depletion of forest resources. Continuing deforestation and forest degradation together with environmental shocks and the threat of climate change have sensitized politicians and populations to the need to maintain the natural environment. In particular, natural disasters including floods, droughts and landslides have resulted in reversals in forest-related policy and forest.

Increasing consensus over the threat posed by climate change and growing commitment to related international initiatives are hoped by many to bring new life to forestry and to help broaden implementation of the much discussed concept of ‘participatory forest management’.


KFWG Membership Form - Read/Download

Climate Change Act - 2016 - Read/Download

Forest Conservation and Management Act 2016- Read/Download

Kenya Green Economic Strategy & Implementation Plan- Read/Download

Proceedings of the 2nd National Participatory Forest Management Conference - 2014 - Read/Download

The Charcoal Rules and Regulations 2015 - Read/Download

Governance in Kenya Forest Sector - Read / Download

Devolved Forestry Functions Framework - 2015 - Read / Download

Forest (Conservation and Management) Bill,- 2015 - Read / Download

Forests (Conservation and Management) Policy - 2015 - Read / Download

Manual on Forming and Registering Community Forest Associations (CFAs - Read / Download)

Participatory Forest Management Guidelines - Read / Download

Manual on Preparation of a Participatory Forest Management Plan (PFMP) - Read / Download


Our Activities

Capacity Building and Training
Capacity Building and Training
One of the most fundamental ideas associated with capacity building is the idea
Forests Conservation and Management
Forests Conservation and Management
Forests influence climate, landform and soil composition and they exist in a wide variety.
Partnerships and Networking
Partnerships and Networking
Having allies on your side such as national and county government, civil society

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