Kenya Launches Dedicated Forestry Website

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Kenya Launches Dedicated Forestry Website

The East African Wild Life Society (EAWLS) launched a Wiki-style website where information on Kenya’s forests can be easily accessed and shared to boost transparency in the sector, dubbed the Misitu Yetu website.

The website follows a comprehensive survey on Kenyan forests both at the national and county levels by EAWLS.

During the launch in Nairobi, the Society’s Executive Director, Julius Kamau, said that the portal would go a long way in ensuring that key information about the forestry sector in Kenya was readily available to the public.

“Access to and provision of high quality forest-related information is crucial for sustainable management of the forests,” said Mr. Kamau. “This website is expected to enhance sharing and easy access of information by all stakeholders and in the long-run improve forest governance in Kenya.”
It is the people’s fundamental right to have access to quality information for increased accountability and transparency, he added.

Lucy Kiboi, Deputy Director, Corporate Services, at Kenya Forest Service (KFS) said that it was crucial to put in place participatory forest management in the country.

“Participatory forest management is key in realizing sustainable management and utilization of forests,” she said. “The Misitu Yetu website will bridge the gap of lack of information on forests and in turn push for sustainable forest management.”

The website is the first solely dedicated to highlighting forestry issues in Kenya. It is a one-stop digital platform for up-to-date information on forests and related issues.

It allows users to upload and update information, and will be updated regularly by stakeholders.

With a forest cover of 6.99 per cent, Kenya is endowed with a wide range of forest ecosystems. They range from montane rainforests, savannah woodlands, dry forests to coastal forests and mangroves.

The website can be accessed here


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